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Kayak Rental Pricing

  1 Hour Full Day
Single Kayak 1 Person $10 $30
Additional Kayaks 1 Person $10 $25


Looking for a fun-filled outdoor adventure? Have you wanted to kayak on the Hillsborough River?

Come visit us at Linda's house where you will find abundant parking and easy river access in a comfortable setting. Once on the river you will have several exciting choices. You can challenge yourself with a 6 nautical mile paddle to beautiful downtown Tampa and experience a new view of the city. You can work your way up river on a shorter 2 mile paddle to Sulphur Springs where you will enjoy the historic Sulphur Spings Water Tower (built in 1927). Or maybe you have a love for the zoo? From Linda's you can make the trek to Lowry Park Zoo and visit the animals from the water. Or if your style is to keep closer to the launch, why not paddle along the shore where you are likely to discover a number of beautiful aquatic plants and Disney inspired wildlife. Make the experience your own!

We offer life jackets and whistles. To make your adventure fun, comfortable and safe, we encourage you to bring, sun-screen and a hat. You may also wish to have snacks, hydrating drinks, water-appropriate shoes and a towel. Binoculars are also encouraged as this will allow you to get up close and personal with snowy egrets, alligators and resident turtles. We have life jackets. You are sure to have a good time.

Please call (813) 231-7905 for scheduling of Linda's kayak rentals.

We look forward to serving you! Sincerely, Linda

Our kayaks are single person sit on top and sit in with comfortable seats.

A recent manatee sighting right at the launch site.

The Sulphur Springs Water Tower located in Sulphur Springs

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. The zoo Is Home to More Than 2,000 Animals.

Come explore our beautiful waters of Hillsborough River. Open 7 days a week including ALL holidays. Tampa Bay has many natural preserves and sanctuaries only accessible by boat. Take advantage of exploring these area's without the expense of owning a boat.

Linda's Kayak Rental
1420 Alicia Ave - Tampa, FL 33604 - Ph: 813-231-7905
Located 4 miles from Downtown Tampa and 1 miles from Lowry Park Zoo

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